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Design a Dispenser

As part of the Handz campaign we are inviting schools from around the country to submit their own designs for a hand wash dispenser.

This is a fantastic opportunity for schools to spread the message about good hand hygiene, and the winning school will be kitted out with soap dispensers bearing the winning design, totally for free.

Each school should select one entry from among their pupils to submit to the national competition.

How to Enter
Please email submissions to competition@handz.org.uk. Please remember to include your name, the name of your school, the constituency your school is in and the name and age of the pupil who has created your chosen design.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Each school can submit one entry to the competition, chosen from among entries from their own pupils.
  2. The entry can be drawn by hand, used mixed media or digital design.
  3. Each entry should be attributable to a current student at the school.
  4. Entries should be submitted electronically by the Head teacher or a nominated person.
  5. Entries received after the deadline will not be considered.
  6. The competition will be judged by the Office of Andrea Jenkyns MP and Deb Group.
  7. The winning design will be manufactured as a one time production run and provided free of charge to the winning schools along with 1 x free soap cartridge per dispenser
  8. A maximum of 100 dispensers will be produced for the winning school
  9. Replacement cartridges and refills will need to be purchased from a Deb distributor by the participating school.
  10. Please allow 10 weeks for production and delivery of the winning dispenser design
  11. The winning design and details of the winning school will be featured on the Deb website and in communications materials

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